Did Your Wagon Start in the Cold Weather??


You may have had cold diesel!
Warm it up with a Fuel immersion heater which goes into the tank to warm the fuel prior to starting.
It runs off a standard 16amp plug. Avoids the fuel going waxy and blocking the fuel filter.

'Don't get caught out again'

2 available
250w 240v 16A plug
64cm rod length.

Cold weather operability can be a huge problem. Equipment won't start in the morning or even if it does, it might stop suddenly in the middle of a job. These issues are usually caused by solids created in the fuel as the temperature decreases.

Engines and filters do not differentiate between particles. Hard or soft, contaminant or pure hydrocarbon, solids in fuel will cause trouble. These problems are made worse by new-age fuels, the sensitivity of modern engines and the high efficiency required of filters designed to protect them.

Like water, hydrocarbons turn solid when they reach their "freezing" point. Unlike water, however, they do not turn into ice. Instead, they turn into a thick, waxy substance that cannot flow through filters. This is what is referred to as "gelling". It is a characteristic of both petro diesel and biodiesel.

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