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Sold Merc 814 DA 4x4 Vario Crew Cab - Suffolk


This truck is 7.5 ton 4 wheel drive (with diff locks)It has a ramsey winch and two hydraulic arms previously used by the irish electric board for pulling cable drums.I bought this truck for marquee transport and erection.As i have now sold that tent i no longer have use for this vehicle.If i had the money i would do a camper conversion and turn this into an expedition vehicle.

Truck has a 7 seater crew cab and very low kms on the engine,the truck has recently been serviced greased up ect the engine is as tight as a drum.

The truck runs on the road as a normal 2 wheel drive truck so its not that juicy.And works like a tractor in 4 wheel drive off road.
This truck is irish plated and the doe(vct) and road tax have run out

Delivery notes

Truck is based near Ipswich in Suffolk and is collection only.

This item is now sold

Great job sold through Curlew, beats Auto trader and eBay any day!

Price: Sold