VIP Hospitality Truck - Italy


VIP TRUCK, vehicle perfect and ready for any test. It has features innovative construction, with remote control and a single person, is operation.

The interior of the vehicle that was fitted out in 2007 has recently been refurbished and equipped with state of the art technologies:

THE INTERIOR of the vehicle is accessed through an electric sliding door and is equipped with an air conditioning system with a heat pump that operates independently with two 10kw diesel generators. The vehicle opens out completely in 15 minutes with the expansion of the two side walls using a remote control. This provides more than 50m2 of totally empty or fully furnished interior space. The truck’s interior offers suitably lit areas that are eye-catching and can be customised by the client, as can the furnishings, chairs and tables. Two small rooms can be set up for the client's own purposes.

THE EXTERIOR of the vehicle can be customised by the client with fixtures and fittings such as carpeting, floral decorations, the use of easy to manage covered structures, inflatable advertising products, flags and banners manufactured by us, and other items in accordance with the designs. The entire vehicle, when open, measures only 17 m in length, 5 m in width, with a height of approximately 4 m.
THE USE of the vehicle is exclusive with our own driver, who will be totally responsible for it and who, when called upon to do so, can instruct staff in the use of the on board services and technologies.Because of its particular configuration the vehicle is allowed to travel during those designated holiday periods and weekends when large vehicles are forbidden from taking to the road; this is because it has been approved as a "...Vehicle for Special Use" and is therefore allowed to travel throughout Europe without it being subject to any restrictions. Because of it is constructional characteristics and the type of furnishings, it can be adapted to meet a company’s or client's every travelling need.

On-board equipment
  • 2 x 15 kw vehicle generators Mase
  • <1 x Radio microphone for the PA system
  • Professional bar counter
  • o Reception counter
  • Pod coffee machine
  • Wall mounted, large capacity refrigerator
  • Printer stand
  • Wall mounted item for brochures
  • Internet connection
  • 50'' LCD TV
  • Aerial & external dish with automatic search facility for terrestrial digital
  • Vehicle with Defibrillator on board
  • 2 x Fire extinguishers – approved and certified

Delivery notes

Collection from Italy

Or delivered to your door at your cost.

Contact notes

tel. 0585.833493 - 832713 (Italy)

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